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Positivity Lent

I respect negativity. Ultimately I trust negativity. I remember I once wrote a book of every insult that I had been given. I would regularly read over the book in an attempt to work on my issues, and stay humble. I guess It helped with the humility, but in the end, it just destroyed my more »


You’ve Got to Move It, Move It!

          Some of us learn best while moving. Actually, it is supposed to be about 15% of us who learn better by doing things related to what we want to learn than reading about them or hearing about them. The most recent educational research indicates, however, that nearly everyone learns better by more »


Saying Yes

God Almighty is the creator- all knowing, all powerful, perfect in every way, complete in every way and astonishingly, stupefyingly bigger, more beautiful, and more grand than we can begin to imagine. He doesn’t need anything or anyone to help Him be as awesome as He is. And yet… He CHOSE to create human beings more »


Following the Star

Do you ever feel like the little Drummer Boy? Or the little crippled boy Amahl in the opera Amahl and the Night Visitors? Both children are hindered by either poverty, illness, or both, but have opportunities to journey to Bethlehem to see the Baby King. They both come to believe that this is a once more »

I Can Change If I Have To, I Guess

I Can Change If I Have To, I Guess

There is a Canadian comedy series that used to be on the air called The Red Green Show. We loved catching it when we were up in northern Michigan vacationing. Folksy comedy sketches centered around a man’s man who solved most of his household repairs with duct tape, built the most outrageous contraptions, and, generally more »


Prepare the Way

  If you are one of the members of the Gee I’d Like to Make This the Best Christmas Ever Club, read on. Or if you have a goal every year to not let December get crazy on you and actually arrive at Christmas morning in a healthy, peaceful state, ready to calmly enjoy your more »

Love Letter Part 2

A Love Letter- Part 2

      When you post a personal encounter with God, you can expect a variety of reactions. Some relate to it and are encouraged to remember their own like experiences. Some are lifted. Some are mystified, not sure what to think or how to apply it to themselves. And some reject the account as more »

Love Letter part 1

A Love Letter- Part 1

  I am not a prophet. I do not claim unusual ability to hear the voice of God or predict His plans for us. For those who believe that there exists today in the church the “office” of prophet, I do not claim to hold it. But God and I have conversations that I frequently more »

Take Down: Wrestle with me

Take Down: Wrestling with Me

  Ok, I admit it, I’m an over achiever. I don’t just want to get a passing grade, I want to ace the test. I want to be “perfect”. This is not an external thing here, not looking for others to say I’m great. Deep inside, I have a burning need to excel. I seem more »

Racing to the Goal

Racing to the Goal

  We lost a very good friend this week. Well, we didn’t lose him. We know right where he is, but we lost the freedom to see him regularly, hear his kind words of encouragement, and be blessed by his bright, loving smile. His name is Glenn Block and those who know him are all more »

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